The objective of this service is ensuring that the quality of the construction meets the design and specification requirements and ultimately the needs of our clients. SICO can define the roles and establish a supervision team to achieve the technical and economical goals of the construction projects.

SICO has experience supervising both in-house designed projects as well as projects designed by other companies.


As part of our supervising practice we undertake the following tasks:

  • Review and validation of the construction designs;
  • Study of construction details;
  • Quality control in line with best construction practice and the project drawings and specifications, including control of materials, processes and construction teams;
  • Control of construction planning including programmes and contractual requirements;
  • Control of budgets and cash flows for the construction, including control of quantities and surveying for payment purposes;
  • Preparation of all necessary technical and managerial documentation to reflect in suitable detail the construction process and the suitability of the construction at any stage.

La Paz - Bolivia